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Welcome to Dawn of the Phoenix's website. I am Draiscor, Founder of Dawn of the Phoenix. We have an open door policy and are happy to accept everyone. We don't mind what level, class or age you are.

The Primary language spoken is English, however we are a guild with members from all areas of europe (and one or two from beyond!) and you may find someone who speaks your language. But I ask that you keep any conversation in your native tongue in a private channel outside of guild chat.

You are welcome to look around our website, our rules are situated in the wiki; available on the menu at the top of the screen please don't be afraid to ask for information. In the wiki you will find a full list of the guilds officers (and their alts) as well as my alts if you would like to contact us in game. You are welcome to ask any questions on our public Q&A forum and we will answer them as soon as we can.

Have fun.


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Rift Guild Reforming

by Draiscor, 6 days ago

So it's been only 6 days since I officially disbanded the guild. This was an extremely difficult decision, but I felt there was no other option.

However, Progue approached me here on the website and asked for permission to take over the guild. As such, as of now, the guild is reformed! This will allow us to remain as a multi-game guild, I no longer deal with the day to day leadership of the guild, that will now be dealt with by Progue. I will simply be dealing with the things that go above what is required with leading the guild in game, such as website management, rules and such.

I will be very inactive in Rift for a while, if I log in at all. Maybe I'll become more active again in 3.0, but I can't give any guarentees. Good luck to Progue in your role, I hope you're able to bring the rift guild back to a healthy population and that you all enjoy your time in the game.

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Wildstar Guild Stormtalon Kill

by Draiscor, 7 days ago

Tonight we once again cleared Kel Voreth, however this time it was only with 3 guild members, and 2 pugs. It was an enjoyable run and we cleared the dungeon in less than half of the time!

We also ran Stormtalons Lair and managed to get a 4th guild member in for that run. I'm not entirely sure how long Stormtalons Lair took us, but I think it was roughly 1-2 hours. This was an extremely successful run in which we achieved a bronze medal.

Thanks to Gullmead and Nolvi for joining me in both dungeon runs and Nyage for coming along with us to kill Stormtalon. This will hopefully now be a regular occurrence and we will work on pushing times and deaths down, and therefore bringing end of dungeon medals up. I also hope that we'll be able to get more people involved in these runs and maybe have more than 1 group clearing the dungeons!

Here's a screenshot from the end of the dungeon, which turned out pretty well imo, considering the fact that my image editing skills leave a lot to be desired :P

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