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Welcome to Dawn of the Phoenix's website. I am Draiscor, Founder of Dawn of the Phoenix. We have an open door policy and are happy to accept everyone. We don't mind what level, class or age you are.

The Primary language spoken is English, however we are a guild with members from all areas of europe (and one or two from beyond!) and you may find someone who speaks your language. But I ask that you keep any conversation in your native tongue in a private channel outside of guild chat.

You are welcome to look around our website, our rules are situated in the wiki; available on the menu at the top of the screen please don't be afraid to ask for information. In the wiki you will find a full list of the guilds officers (and their alts) as well as my alts if you would like to contact us in game. You are welcome to ask any questions on our public Q&A forum and we will answer them as soon as we can.

Have fun.


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First Wildstar Guild Dungeon Clearance

by Draiscor, 3 hours ago

Tonight I'm happy to say we successfully cleared our first dungeon as a guild group! We had to pug 1 DPS, but that pug decided at the end of the dungeon to switch realms and join us!

It took us approximately 5 hours, but with determination and dedication we eventually cleared Kel Voreth. Thanks to the guild members that came along, with a special thanks to Nolvi who hopped out of the dungeon when the tank left and crafted himself some tanking gear and made a tank build just for us so we could continue the dungeon quicker. I hope we will have more runs of dungeons and adventures on a regular basis from now on (though hopefully taking less time :P).

There will be a screenshot of the team from the end of the dungeon coming soon, once Nolvi has edited the screenshot. Until then, here's a cute little picture of me and a couple of furries while we were waiting for the replacement group member :P

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Rift Guild Disbanding

by Draiscor, 5 days ago

As many will know, the rift guild has been having severe issues with member numbers and member retention in recent weeks. Because of this, it brings me great sorrow to announce that as of now, the Rift guild will be disbanded. All money in the guild bank will be distributed evenly between all active members that still remain in the guild.

Guild bank access will be opened to all ranks with unlimited withdrawals, all of the members who still remain are welcome to take what they wish from the guild bank before they leave. I thank those who are still here for their loyalty and support. It has been great fun to play alongside all of you, and I hope you enjoy your time in the game, where ever you end up.

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