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Welcome to Dawn of the Phoenix's website. I am Draiscor, Founder of Dawn of the Phoenix. We have an open door policy and are happy to accept everyone. We don't mind what level, class or age you are.

The Primary language spoken is English, however we are a guild with members from all areas of europe (and one or two from beyond!) and you may find someone who speaks your language. But I ask that you keep any conversation in your native tongue in a private channel outside of guild chat.

You are welcome to look around our website, our rules are situated in the wiki; available on the menu at the top of the screen please don't be afraid to ask for information. In the wiki you will find a full list of the guilds officers (and their alts) as well as my alts if you would like to contact us in game. You are welcome to ask any questions on our public Q&A forum and we will answer them as soon as we can.

Have fun.


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Levelling Dungeon Nights

by Draiscor, 8 days ago

So I would like to start doing levelling dungeons on specified nights every week. By levelling dungeons I mean: Stormtalons Lair Normal, Kel Voreth Normal and Skullcano Normal.

Why should we do this?

  • Assists members with the levelling process.
  • Earns us guild influence which we can use to unlock perks and bank tabs (these dungeons offer more influence than veteran adventures).
  • Allows level 50 players to experience and learn the dungeons before we step into veterans.


So, what I'd like from you folks for now is to select your days of availability for this sort of thing in the poll I set up for this. From this I will decide which days to do the dungeons on.

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